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Axia College Material Appendix B Sexual Response Cycles Use your own words to complete the table below with the experiences and changes in anatomy of males and females during the various sexual response phases. Stage of Masters and Johnson Sexual Response Cycle Male Experience and Anatomy Female Experience and Anatomy Excitement Phase During this phase a male can only achieve a penal erection after stimulation; physically and/or psychological stimulation. Vasocongestion in men causes the erection in the male penis. This happens because of blood flow increase in the corpora cavernosum (sponge like areas of erectile tissue-where most of the blood goes during an erection.)The scrotum begins to tighten. During this phase the physical and psychological stimulation brings an increased blood stream towards the female’s sexual organ. Because of there being an amplified blood stream in the vagina’s walls, “sweating” of a fluid that lubricates the vagina. At this time; all of the woman’s external genitals begin to swell. Vasocongestion in vaginal area causes swelling. The nipple’s become erect while the breasts increase in size. The clitoris swells and flattens, and then the lips of
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