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Multiple Intelligence Theory The topic that I will choose is history because I think that history is very relevant to many different age groups. The points in history that I will focus on are the slave era and the Salem witch craft trials because these were dark points in our America’s history and important to learn. The linguistic intelligence; I could teach the children how people communicated in the early years and how poetry was often used as a code to get word to people during slavery years to help people to escape towards freedom. Then I would teach them how to write their own poem about someone or something that they consider important with a hidden meaning in their words. The spatial intelligence; I would teach the children how to visualize what the world looked like for people of the slave era; especially if a person was born of color. To help them to visualize this, I would put them in groups of five and have each group build a small model mock town and make presentations for the class to all see. The musical intelligence; I would tell the children how the women of the slave era made up
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