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Interview outline I asked Jessica White to be interviewed for my BEH 225 final project. She agreed to be interviewed on May 28 th , 2011 and I intend on interviewing her by May 29 th , 2011 so that I will have time to finish my paper and therefore I can be done by the end of Week 9. In addition, I chose this time because then it will be actually done early and it will not interfere with the 4 th of July weekend as well. I broke up some of the questions because some were more than one question together, in addition I will add more before my final paper is due. Here is a list of my 10 questions that I have developed, based upon the objectives of this course: 1. What role do you feel a person’s race, gender, or ethnicity plays when forming that person’s personality and attitudes? 2. Think about two aspects of your life that you have strong attitudes towards, including one negative and one positive. When do you believe these attitudes were formed? Why? How might you work to change negative attitudes in your life? 3.
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