Gender Identity - Gender Identity 1 1 Gender Identity...

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Gender Identity 1 1 Gender Identity Sabrina Armstrong PSY/265 July 3 rd , 2011 Beth Cole
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Gender Identity 2 Gender Identity There are several factors that decide gender identity for each person and the outcome is usually different depending on the person. Trying to figure out if a person’s gender is male or female at first glance would seem simple but like everything else it is not as effortless. There are many different variables that add to a person’s gender identity. Such as social learning influences subsequent to birth to determine decisively an individual’s gender identity. Society views people’s gender in several of different ways as well; such as today people assume that women are more encouraging and tend to take a more natural liking to parenthood; while they assume that men are more aggressive and are the more natural providers. Often in these more modern times people are the opposite of those archaic traditions and the women goes to work while the men raise the children. Biology and environment both has an influence on determining one’s gender identity. It is impractical to ascertain and individual’s gender identity or sexual differentiation by one’s
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Gender Identity - Gender Identity 1 1 Gender Identity...

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