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Diagnosis and Treatment - Diagnosis and Treatment 1...

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Diagnosis and Treatment 1 Diagnosis and Treatment Sabrina Armstrong BEH/225 June 6 th , 2011
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Diagnosis and Treatment 2 Diagnosis and Treatment The psychological disorders that I have chosen to write about in this paper is bipolar; I have chosen this specific disorder because I have some personal experiences dealing with people that have the disorder and I would like to understand it better. It is estimated that the Bipolar disorder affects as many as 5.7 million Americans. However there is good news and that is that the bipolar disorder is treatable, and people that have this disorder are still able to lead a complete and productive life (MedicineNet, 2010). Over view of bipolar: Bipolar disorder, occasionally called manic depression, would be a brain-related disorder that would be accompany by sudden, swinging bouts of euphoria and depression. Bipolar disorder would cause abnormal changes to the individual’s energy, mood, sleeping patterns, and their ability to function properly (Medicine Net, 2010). An individual who suffers for Bipolar disorder will usually experience bouts of mania and depression and would usually alternate with normal-mood periods. Bipolar mood swings are incomparable and are more severe when it is compared to the regular ups and downs people normally endure in their lives (BBC, 2008). In some individuals the alternation in mania and depression can be rapid, and this is termed as rapid cycling. Some cases can be extreme to where the manic episodes may cause psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions. Individual’s interpersonal relationships, academic
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