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Test Plan and Results2

Test Plan and Results2 - Test Plan and Results There are a...

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Test Plan and Results There are a number of tests that are performed in respect to this project. These tests are separated into two categories data tests and functional tests. Data tests are tests performed before construction for the purpose of collecting data on an idea, experiment, or part. Functional test are performed on the constructed payload and its contents with the purpose of testing how well it performs constructed and catching any potential problems. Data test that may be performed are: Styrofoam strength test, battery temperature minimum test, doving joint test. The purpose of the Styrofoam strength test and the doving joint test are to get a measure at how strong of materials and joints the payload box is made of. In the case of the doving test, the test will help us decide on the construction of the box. The battery temperature minimum test serves to tell us what temperature we need to keep the interior of the box. Functional tests that may be performed are: overall box strength/integrity test, box and parts
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