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Flowchart for Naming Chemical Cmpds

Flowchart for Naming Chemical Cmpds - Strategies for...

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Chemistry Name ____________________ Supp. Material – Flowchart for Naming Chemical Compounds Per ____ Date _____________ Nomenclature rules follow a logical methodology. You need to be familiar with this. If you can not read through this flowchart and know exactly what each term means and what to do, then you do not adequately understand nomenclature. Organizational suggestion: Keep the following Supp. Material handouts in the front of your notebook next to the Periodic Tables: Flowchart for Naming Chemical Compounds List of Cations and Polyatomic Anions
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Unformatted text preview: Strategies for Nomenclature of Ionic Cmpds Naming Binary Covalent Compounds Binary compound? No Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes Metal present? Metal hav e v ariable oxidation # ? Use element name for cation ; anion ends with -ide Determine cation oxid # ; use Roman numeral after element name ; anion ends with -ide Use prefixes ; 2nd element ends with -ide Poly atomic ion(s) present? Name cation using rules for binary w/ metal ; then name the poly atomic ion Hav en't discussed this procedure...
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