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Chemistry Name _________________ Supp. Material – Stoichiometry Hints Per ____ Date __________ The key ratio, or conversion factor if you prefer that term, in stoichiometrical dimensional analysis is the mole ratio between the substances of interest. Methodology: 1. Balance the equation for the reaction. Never trust a provided equation to be balanced unless coefficients are present! 2. Identify the two substances of interest. 3. Convert the known quantity of the reactant/product to moles 4. Use the mole ratio between the two substances (i.e., coefficients from the balanced equation) to “convert” one substance to the other. 5. Convert from moles to whatever unit of measurement is asked for. Writing the Reaction Equation: If the reaction is not written for you, carefully read and interpret the provided information and identify the reactant(s) and product(s). Then write their formulas on the appropriate side of the reaction arrow. Don’t worry about physical state symbols unless told otherwise. Balance the
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