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Stat 1181 Quiz (June 6) Ye Jin Yoon 100183290 a) The decision point for this case is 0.197, and the actual r is 0.137 which is smaller than decision point. Then the sleep and score don’t have a significantly strong linear relation among all subject in the population. If they had significantly strong relation, it would become dependent variable. As the result we can come up would be “Score is not dependent on sleep”, sleep has to be independent variable. b) Spots are widely spreaded out, and seems like X variables (sleep) and Y variables (score) don’t really have a strong linear relation among the sample group. It’s in positive direction,
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Unformatted text preview: weak (nothing to compare. . we can’t sure about strenth with a diagram itself) and some outliers are presented. c) Null hypothesis: Sleep and score do not have a linear correlation Alternative hypothesis: Sleep and score have a linear correlation d) D.P = 0.197 The magnitude of r is less than DP, so we don’t have enough statistical evidence to reject the null hypothesis. Null hypothesis shouldn’t be rejected. e) We can learn that relation between the final exam score and amount of sleep the night before is not significantly strong. Actually we can say “weak in the population, Sleep and score do not have a linear correlation”...
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