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***PRODUCTON FLOW CHART*** Production Process of Cannula Manufacturing Line Inspection / Test Production Process Machines Equipment Inspection for the incoming material Incoming of Raw/Sub Material Laboratory equipment Stainless steel pipe, cutting disk, etc. PVC film PVC film wrapping of the pipe Wrapping tool Visual inspection Cutting Cutting machine Cutting disk, oil, water, etc. (Cutting of the stainless steel pipe Venire caliper According to the specified sizes) Barrel stone(Pink ball) Barreling Barrel grinding machine DES-23 (Barrel grinding to get rid of bur on the cut surface) Selecting Selecting machine (Selecting in even uniform) Stainless brush Deburring Deburring machine (Getting rid of the bur of the cutting surface) Water cleansing Washing unit (Cleansing of the pipe by using of water) Drying Oven dryer (Drying the pipe after washing) Taping tape Taping Taping machine (Taping on the dried pipe in a line) Grinding stone, Oil Grinding Grinding machine (Grinding the cutting end of the pipe at 3 angle)
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Glass beads Honing Honing machine (Getting rid of bur on the
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Syringe_Plant_Production_Flow - *PRODUCTON FLOW CHART*...

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