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Exam+1+--+Spring+2004+_Pavgi+Practice_+--+Answers - i f'l,r...

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f'l,r::, i i t,' :'t!;!lololltg ) Bio225. Snrine 2004 I PracticeExaml , I These questions are meant to aid you in studies. These questions will not be on the exam'Exam will be heavily biased towards the material covered in lectures. Exam will include multiple choice and short essay/short answer type questions (about 50:50). Q1' Which of the following mechanism/s will transport a solute against its concentration gradient? t_ai Receptor-mediated endocytosis b. Facilitated diffusion c. Osmosis ! r,.rr,ri;,.1:iit d. all of the above , ;; . n,.,i,: ,,ti {'r'' ." ^\ Q2' Describe briefly how hormorreb, enzymes and, reaction substrate and end p.oti,jit, *uy regulate metabolic pathways. line A line B line C line D line E 10 20 30 40 s0 60 Time in (minutes) Q4' Which of the following is a problem for exchange of materials bet_ween a cell and its environment as cells increase in size? a. -Arrincrease in volume b. An increase in surfacearea */ ,.,q An lncrease in surface_to_volume ratio \ t . . Q3' Five dialysis bags, impermeable to sucrose, were filled with various concentrations of sucrose and then placed in separate beakers-ontaiffiolution at an initial concentration""of 0:6M sucrosd - -.., solution' At lo-minute intervals, the bags were weighed and the percent.rtu"gi m;mJ#"".n.'' bag was calculated and plotted in the graph below. firni.n line represents the bag that contained a 0.6M solution of sucrose at the beginning or the experiment? r ------- --' 30 20 ,= 5 r o a H o : -10 S -20 -30 a. b. V)/ d. e. i ' . f \ ; ' t t i,*- I ''"r/V#
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I I yd. A decrease in surface-to_volume ratio Q5. Blood plasma thatsurrounds a red blood cell (RBC) is isotonic to the This geans that ......
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