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[ *-:- BIO 225: INTRODUCTION OF ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY EXAM #1 . WINTER 2OO4 Wednesday, 4 February 2004 There are two pases of short essav questions and 25 multiple choice questions. Attemnt ALL questions. the total possible points'for the in-class exam is 100 points. Each page ofsh6Fessay ciuestions is worth 25 points aird each multiple choice question is worth 2 points. Write your name on the top of each answer page for the short essay questions. Failure to do so will result in the loss of two (2) points per page missing a name. Write your short essay answer ONLY on the question page. Notes on any other pages, extra pieces of paper etc. will not be eraded. Follow the instructions for the scantron answer sheet for the multiple choice questions. You may keep the multiple choice questions. You may wish to record your answers on this sheet. YOUR SCANTRON SHEETS WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO YOU. THERE ARE NO "CATCH'' QUESTIONS. IF YOU ARE I.INCLEAR ON ANY QUESTIONS _ RAISE YOUR HAND AND I WILL COME TO YOU TO GIVE CLARIFICATION. You will have an opportunily to request a re-grade of vour exam if vou feel there was a problem with the wav it wals-sraded.' Resue'sts will bdhonored Owty if aVequ;st is submitted IN WNTING within 7 (seven) davi from the date the sraded exains are returned to the class. The requestfor a re-grade mist iiclilde a sctENTIFIC e'iplanation of why your answer is correct. Equations vou mav need: dQ/dt: D A (dc/dx) dQ/dt: P (Cou1- C6) Y : nt'L Vn: vmq" lSl / (Kr + fsl) V-r* : k""rlEf v": fSl/fPl AG: AH - TAS Voz : k.ApOz.A/L Vo2 : aMu or Vo2 : V ([Oz]in,pi,.a lOzl"*ot. .o) Voz : Q ([Oz]un.'iur f Ozlu.no,rr) Q1s: (k2lk1)rurtz-r t Voz: aM'''' Qro: kzlkr L0,M" MaVuL' A 0, M'' AoL Qu:C(Ttody-Tambient) Qu : k.AT.A/L Oxycalorific equivalent: heat of combustiorVmoles of oxvsen used Net pressure out (and Net pressure in) : blood oressure - osmotic Dressure Qro: rate (T + 10)"C / rate at T"C To convert natural logarithms (ln) to base-l0 logarithms (loe). x 2.3 Short Essay Questions
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a) Disturbance b) sensor c) set point d) error signal e) amplifier f) negative feedback. 1B) What criterion differentiates a negative and a positive fe-edback system? The key is the respoi;;}q ;i., urro/stgnil-.'li iigittrefeedback-the response to the error signal ii'i,ii6rtii ii ,ii;,,, ;;+;b;;I,;;il,i ifi.1i:ririi Fock rri the set point. Iit posirive feedback, rhe outout has the same sign as the orror t,{iii. irbiii, words th'e ourput ADDS to'rhe disturbance indicqted by the errorTignal in positiveJeedback' lC) An example of negative feedback occurs in muscle glucose metabolism. A muscle operating anaerobically produces lactic acid as an end product of glycolysis (which produces low cellular and tissue pHs) A key en4/me in glycolysis phosphofructokinase, (PFK) is inhibited by these low pHs. Why'is Iactiteproduced by highly active muscle cells and what can cells do to eliminate the need to
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Exam+1+--+Winter+2004+--+ANSWERS+_do+not+distribute_ - [...

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