Exam+1--W06 - M ean( %) Standardd eviation( %) = = ExamD...

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Mean (%) Standard deviation (%) Gomments: Exam Data = 74% = 12% Multiple choice question 18 - (stretch receptor set point) was not covered in last lecture - everyone gets 2 points for this question. Multiple choice question 14 - (O2 consumption) - reviewed because of variable results - seen to be poorly worded - everyone gets 2 points for this question. Several people did not answer the last page of multiple choice questions. Some people got question 25 wrong - a checksheet for you on information given on the cover sheet and e-mails about the exam. lt should have been a certain 2- points for all. Mistakes also occurred in the name and UM lD boxes. These data suggest an error rate of about 3%, and hence suggest students should try to be more careful in filling in the bubbles on their scantrons. BIO 225. .INTRODUCflON OF ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY EXAM #1 . WINTER 2006 Wednesday, I February 2006 YOU MAY KEEP THE COVER PAGE AND MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS There are 25 multiple choice questions and two pages of short essay questions. Attempt $! questions. The total possible points for the in-class exam is 100 points. Each page of short essay questions is worth 25 points and each multiple choice question is worth 2 points. A4.te yeur name op.the top.of. .each answer pgge fgr lhe short essay guestions. Failure to do so will result in the loss of two (21 points per Daoe miisins a name. Write your short essay answ.er ONLY on !he. qubdtion page.NofeS on any ofher pages, extra preces ol paper etc. wtll not De graclecl. Follow the instructions for the scantron answer sheet for the multiple choice questions. You may keep the multipte choice questions. You may wish to record your answers on this sheet. YOIIR SCAIITRON SHEETS WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO YOU. Hand in your scantron and answer pages promptly at 10 am or you will lose points. THERE ARE NO "CATCH" QUESTIONS. IF YOU ARE UNCLEAR ON ANY QUESI/ONS _ RA|SE YOUR HAND AND I WILL COME TO YOU TO GIVE CLARIFICATION. You will have an opportunity to request a re-grade of your exam if vou feel there was a prgble. .ryn With lh.g-ytgy.!! wef .grgd.ed. Rgquesls will be honored ONLY if a request is submitted lN WRITING withih 7 (seven) days from
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1. v^: v-"- fsl / (K^" + fs'l) v^"": k".,lEl v^: ISI/IPI AG: AH - TAS Vor : k.ApOr.A./L Voz: aM' Vnr : V (fOrl'"".',"" - [Orl*"n",r) V^" : C) ([O,].*-"r - IOrl.,-"^,,") O'n: (k /k,)'ut''-" Vnr: aMu' C)'n: k"/k' LaM MoVsL A o M''' A aL' Qs: C(Troav - T*6mt) QH : k.AT.A/L Work: force x distance v: BG, + F)/(F + o) rate (velocity) : Ae-Neq/K' Oxycalorific equivalent: heat of combustion/moles of oxygen used Net pressure out (and Net pressure in) : blood pressure - osmotic pressure Oro : rate (T + l0)"C / rate at ToC To convert natural loearithms (ln) to base-10 losarithms (loe). x 2.3
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Exam+1--W06 - M ean( %) Standardd eviation( %) = = ExamD...

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