Exam+2--Winter+2004 - 1 0 I 7 6 4 a 1 U 100 120 140 160...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 0 I 7 6 4 a 1 U 100 120 140 160 u,-lA..h--s-+-+ fd -$1: N{ /.,t-ft.J [4-t!\-rq b'ro '771 a \ T ?-Y[try.. t- Lt.titfiKr '/AaI I 1A) (4 points) Label the axes of the two blood- oxygen dissociation curves, including tlie appropriate units. (4 points) Label each curve as either sigrnoid or hyperbolic (no apparent sub-unit interaction). (2 points) Show how you would detennine thc matemal blood p50. 1B) (4 points) Explain why the fetal blood has higher oxygen affinity than the mother. 1C) (8 points) Lowland residents moving to hlgh at{Udg hyperventilate to maximize akpqlqpQ and hence Ulp_q{ -o"Uerilevels. Wliat effect will this have on blpqd pH? During the period of hyperventilation,Towii blood pH retumed to nonnal levels? ,1, to4i3,"dfr\ tirSt,t', 1D) (8 points) A fish swims fast to avoid being eaten. lts blood pH falls to 7 .5. The fish adapts be retaining HCO3-. If [H2CO3] (the weak acid) is 10-" M (0.0001 M), and pK for the HCO3- buffer is 6.2, what is IHCO3-I? ?A) (.8 points) A !rou!, ]0 cr3 total lerrgth, attacks {ts fish prey at a speed of 50 cm.s-r, If the prey loorningthresholdis2.5-rad.s-',atwhatdistancewill thepreybegifitsescapemaneuver? The- shape of the predator silhouette is the rnaximurn depth of-6 cin. Show your working. 28) (6 points) What is the general strategy, based on interception games, for a predator? 2C) (8 points) Explain, in tenns of muscle force, why a large predator would not usually capture elusive prey using an attacking (acceleration-based) strike. qxaq 2D) (8 points) What effect do you expect liposuction to liave on circulating leptin titers (levels)'i What long-tenn (weeks) effects would you expect on appetite? Give your reasoning. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (Attempt all questions. Each correct answer is worth 2 points) 1. The globir-r fraction of hemoglobin affects hemoglobin-oxygen affinity because of cor-rfiguration changes caused by changes in: a) lH*l b) pH c) pCO2 d) flactate] @all of the above. 2. Prolonged dives by veftebrates are anaerobic while short dives can be aerobic, using oxygen stores. Anaerobic and aerobic dives differ in: a) Lactate is accumulated as an end-product of anaerobic muscle metabolism ir-r dives, and-l Bio 225: Winter 2004 - F.xam #2. Pase 2 Name- ean be rnetabolized aerobically by otlier tissues. Therefore, anaerobic dives can be repeated because very little time is needed at the surface to metabolize end products. ,Q) The net time that can be spent underwater is higher for aerobic dives. ( c))Anaerobic dives are accollrparried by hypornetabolism, but increased metabolism is needed to purnp blood all around the body in aerobic dives. ' d)-hi aerobic dives, red blood cells with high hernoglobin content are releases frorn liver stores....
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Exam+2--Winter+2004 - 1 0 I 7 6 4 a 1 U 100 120 140 160...

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