Midterm--Winter+2001 - i W'43cfw_nf I lld4 rqu I t l;o i25W...

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i--- W'43{nf I tl;o ,i25 Winterol MIDTERM rqu-", lld4# 1a) (6 points) label items a, b, c, d, and e ou the diagrarn of a feedback sYsten-I' I i{ere is a diagram of a generic signaling pathway (PK = protein kinase)' recePtor z----z! --c;f ./--\. ' -/"/ - / \ ('tr\,t't ?aer-T-orl r _il Ex^ 1,r-l-orA L 4r- norecure/;\\ , ''," inactive lip nip active pKZ PK 2 ,/ZT\ .)' o{t nin i;fl"; v PK3 z7T: liP l$P Protein 1b) (g points) Indicate on the diagram how the specific components of the cAMp second messenger signaling patrrway fit into this ge;eric pathiray uy aru*ing in a[ addiiional and labeling thern' Be sure to show how the cAMP system activates its specific protein kinase' rc) (9 points) In the space berow explain whether this generic pathway (from the signal moiecule to the active protein) is a' example of 'egative,or positive control lreeauacl;r Be sure to crearly state the reasons that support your answer. l ., i 1,r 1, ,r J-),., 6,"\r r.,o) ; aA n" "t" t, '''' "..u. . rrt.a' \,t,,. .,, r...,. -,\ ri. 'ir' ' \tt 111["t" t"Ir'{ '"i' ] " )f -,r, 11. t""*Cc 1''i' ' '' ' 'r t^'rlr Fr/ '] t"' i'' ' : " ii.,^-1tt ;"r i'c'i '" 1d) cers may respond t9 th: decreasing effectiveness of enzymes as temperature falls by synthesizing more of these enzymes (an exampr. or n.gutiue fJedback). what is the disadvantage of this quantitative
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This note was uploaded on 07/11/2011 for the course BIOLOGY 225 taught by Professor Pavgi during the Spring '10 term at University of Michigan.

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Midterm--Winter+2001 - i W'43cfw_nf I lld4 rqu I t l;o i25W...

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