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Exam 1--Fall 1997 practice.PDF - *-* C&V .! M...

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*-* .! C&V MdM "Jdffi$sffi ;'ffiffi." m i s,$.{'#- t kkn *, of the reai exams, except that the spaces between questions:are ornitted for cornpactne$s. Part t wif l ,, Cnnsist of, 12 multiple choice questions which nre worth 60 points out of a possible 100. You will put .your an$ruers into an answer tahle llke the one at the ,,i",,,$,,Fd of Part l' ''t' :l'i,$:i;;:;, ,'.ffi1t_ll wlll.have twp.orthr?g questipn* wyrth " 911 'r1tffii40 points, forwhich partial credit may be awarded ;rkiffippropriate" In pnder to get gily credit for these iii iestion$, you mustj,l"'gw I,* H?rk.Vqu T*9, 1? r;,'ii,$fti,$tain your an$,ver. This should,include an algebraic "t''Cii-lr. ..*i.irr *-F ^r{rr'*innc rreinrr crrrtsrhnlcr fnr fhcr rolattllnt ,equation or equations using syrnbols the relevant ,,'';ifru'antities, folloWed by expressions showing "Rr:oper nurnerical supslitutions. lt is"to yo.ur advafl:. tage to wfite youl:'solutions a$ ne,atly and coherently Ab possible. The grader is not expected to be ahle to fead your mind" I 'lH,pte: Use g = 10 m/s* in atl calculations-
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,{ b s,,($ ptslrhe compass of an aircraft
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Exam 1--Fall 1997 practice.PDF - *-* C&V .! M...

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