Exam+1+--+Fall+1997+--+ANSWERS+_do+not+distribute_ -...

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*s,fih"ltfl,f** },.m*,n,ffi,.#,ilftr"r, ffi fu\ radius or the earth is ab:j:o:oo mi. lr an astronaut were to be T:lT:',ll,il,tt" " il%futA *iabou" the earth's surface ,-\ (ea tl\,rl ,rrn L! x{o t' ffiiio, #il; ;ilHr whar shel:lgf :: :*. ^ [l\,f - r'yt4 0'7 ntu -- (j T; - ' T66t' -:-::_ M.q.8 #rii'u" Itil; quarter its vglY-e, 91?1f WOUIO ac(;t;lttlGrrv I ;;tr-% v-*- W='' *n.*,,,n'"'" +?',\ \'', 1 f- '/ nce, the work which must be done on a 1200-kg car in order to 2. Neglecting friction and air resista acceterate it from ;iil;;". . ot;'d;t;;t a horizontal is ' 6D40,000 J (c) 160'000 (D) 50'000 't (E) 6200 J (N 94.000 ,. ., .v : \-/ $zl2t\) leg , - lYt-t"---J n tJJ V; V \. r r4n,*rl Vn 'r lrl Vr ;0 '' fuXt9)(S lzuo6 vP "70{ ,.,._ .s w_-Fscore &f{g* 4 nr/s toward the right vr -.st rl { |vtjrvlz h =;__V 7^t ! \t = ?.1 3 \29 Z,otr(-- tr \.\\ ;q 5S 1s [Y\'vr-M'v,'o r9{' 'l S' blocks with masses of 5-kg 3t1 3-Ig:t1l?1tl:tr} il'ilX"SJll'Lio i;; 'no s ivt' respectivelv' as shown fi g ure. After collid.'i+ It:- t'ocls stick together' Thei r 5kg , i rhr \ | 3kg nl:- iust after the collision m/s toward the right (B) 4'4 m/s toward the left (C) 0.625 m/s toward the right (E) 1.75 left , i,*i A?=*'* i,= llq)(5= i,=Fnr)t{g) :tu*, =zo\r-v ;* gi
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tennis ba* (mass = 0.2 kg) I,it: a wa*
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Exam+1+--+Fall+1997+--+ANSWERS+_do+not+distribute_ -...

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