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Dr dft ^ rease print Your Circle your discussion section: Section Meets Instructor at 8 9 ll a L J 4 PHYSICS 125 FIRST EXAM October 8, 1998 Section 009 010 013 014 015 016 Meets Instructor at 3 Ward 4 Myers l0 Campbell 12 Gray I Gray 2 Myers A -'/ /'/ vorr \ rs,q/[' Instructions: This is a closed-book, 90-minute exam. You may refer to a 3" by 5" note card and use a calculator. RECORD YOUR ANSWERS ON THE MACHINE.SCANNED SIIEETS, USING A #2 PENCIL. At thE ENd of the exam, turn in your answer sheet and your copy of the exam, in the indicated piles by your instructor's name the front of the room. You will get your exam back in discussion section. Fill in your name, your student ID number, and your discussion section number by blocking out the appropriate boxes on the left side of the Scantron sheet. ALSO, IN THE COLUMN MARKED "FORM," INDICATE TFIE VERSION NUMBER OF YOI.IR EXAM. YOUr CXAM VETSiON NUMbCT iS 2 . Finally, before turning in the answer sheet, sign your name, put in the course number "P125" and write today's date, " 10-8-98." Possibly Useful Constants: "kilo" (k) = lO3 "Mega" (M) : lO6 "milli" (m) = t0; G = 6.7 x lo'rr N-m2/kg2 g: 9.8 m/s2 micro" (t ): tO-0 (First) )<" ttI14 , \:-z 00s 006 007 008 Campbell Campbell Gray Ward Myers
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L An object is acted upon by only the two forces F1 and F2 shown in the diagram. The magnitude of the resultant force on the object (in N) is about Fz= (E) 30 Fr :60 N (E) 5.7 s l. '',r i t- (A) 87 (B) 42 (c) s8 @" {ry' 90 sin aO ' zsN fz! , 50 cos bo'4 1'1N n , f 'Q: lbk,3 " a tr,* = 60 co5ao ' SzN e_ .'3 bOgn bD '3ot'l r- ^"f '7 N q.fi.vtl 2. A 1200-kg car is initially moving at 30 m/s when the driver steps on the brakes. If the braking force exerted by the road on the tires is constant and equalto 6000 N, how long does it take for the car to stop? (A) 3.2 r 4o* (B) s l , r*or ;l-i v"Pg\/5 c T^, @) 4.8 s q*Iao ^r Vf,O "t! t- l4r' o I -'7 +- (*4 ' rn A- bc0o l..l = fn rt- -bOOO$ -- o- @o ' 5*lt'L V' Vo + A-C Q z 3;Or*ls+-1mls't -v(s,*ls =-s, lt'L - 36 c^-lr --:'- a L - 5 r-ls* b s '-k- 3. Which one of the following
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Exam+1+--+Fall+1998+--+ANSWERS+_do+not+distribute_ - D r d...

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