Exam+1+--+Spring+1998+--+ANSWERS+_do+not+distribute_ - ' ;...

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fli.'y.: ' ; )"--5 Fxam , :rf ',-ll^ (5 pffiobject is acted upon by two forces, F1 snd Fr. The x andy components of Fr are Fr* =J-0 N and rv = i 50 N, respectrvely, while tt. .o*ponent, oi F2 are Fx= QLN and F2v= -30 N. The magnitude of the ,sult',i'rt force on the object is .,7N @)42N, (c)e8N @eu @)losN trty * FL* = -lo/t * r*f + r4 F___-___ R lt-,-o\* + (.ac\> { loo r- .tlao . (5 pts) A rock is thrown straight upward. which one of the following statements best describes the net force ,ting on the rock at the instant it it ui the top of its path? (Neglect air resistance) I I I t .L "rrq - I d I 3. (5 pts) A constant upward force of 200 N is applied to a 5-kg block which was initiufi' iesting on the iround. Neglecting air resistanc:, ftt it has been lifted a vertical distanie of l0-m above its initiat position by this force, the kinetic energy of the block will be -AP -3oLl -3o t( - 70 Il 16 it it instantaneously equal to zero- 'B) itr direction changes from up to down 6it ir equal to the weight of the rock iV) it is gieater than the weight of the rock lgj it it Gss the weight of the roch but not zero @zooo I * * n^v f,"v I (c) leoo J (D) 7so J v 7 v '{r\rr,t,o\ V !l'': n't cl Zot> - (f 'q,i) '. nA4 l5l ; 5 Q 3O.a- 2 a (E) 210 m (6) 1500 J :. '000 J r-L -- z5 t/o o+ 'bb"l ya 4. (5 pts) A truck is initially moving at 25 m/s when the diiver applies the brakes. It loses speed at a constant rate, coming to rest in l0 s. The distance the truck travels after the brakes are applied
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Exam+1+--+Spring+1998+--+ANSWERS+_do+not+distribute_ - ' ;...

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