Exam+1+--+Unknown+Year2+--+ANSWERS+_do+not+distribute_ - f...

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Unformatted text preview: f 4 : C what force is responsi . , for allolring a car to tl avel through '.n unbanlced ctwe? a) The car's ,'right b) The ver',,;al component of the normirl force .i The ho;'izontal component of the normal force al The frit rional force the cafs tires exert on the road +6 The fric 'on force the road exerts on the car's tires 5: Ligh: has the highest . ossible velocity. It travel^s^at a speed of 3xl08m/s' How long does it tak light to ,"urh-u, from the ott.t - le of our galaxy, 8'5x1020m away? a) 1 month t.6yr.to b) 3 daYs c) 33weel'.s )YtoE^l{ ' L d) 9 montl '-)d id,-ooo ,*r e p.( r,.": ' \ " ' i 1 t r o 2. 8'\ vlel'crc t fi} Y : J,?T , lo? a^1 , J, O - l t ?f *lr \io ? ftrl -[".r' ' 0Ja(tro) f 6 z f - - r 4 o 0 1 . q L ^ 1 1 ' 6: A plane itarts at r runway is r50m long, a) l.5m/s2-) O 3.0m/s2 c) 4.5m/s" d) 6.0m/s' e) 7.Smls' .t one end of a runway. It must reach a speed of ? ,. rn/s in order to ' i(e off. lf the hat is the minimum acceleration it must have to talte off? l \ . * I t r n I L1r_r r ' 5 { ? t S '1"a, * i h . r V o " V ' * - - ^> I 7: A boy w.rirls a stone ,er his head on a string. The string rotates all the way around once every second, and the tension in the s .ng is F,. The boy then ipeeds up the stone, keeping the radius the same, so that the stone rotates round 2 I esevery secol.d. What happens to the tension in thc st.ing? a) The ten:.-tt is unchanged b) The ten ion is reduced to half is original value ct The ten 'cn is doubled-) GJ The ter. ;n increases to four times its original value ' 0 The ten n is reduced to one fourth the original value- 1 * : r'nv t ( ' - - r ' 7<t, v - < L ' . f - z n c V , ' { t- n.'/ '-' 1 ! v . \ 4 1 ^ l c ' _ 1 \ Q ' g ' " l s I fi='4$laL y : . I r t o t L 8: A rifle is p"inted di the center, whi,t was th a) - l0 m/s @ :rws c) 5i:0 m/s 0f 125 m/s @@' 9: You are pushing a cr thc following is tnre?...
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Exam+1+--+Unknown+Year2+--+ANSWERS+_do+not+distribute_ - f...

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