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PHYS 125 Winter 2008 Exam 1 01/31/2008 - 1 - Form #1 Physics 125 Winter 2008: Exam #1 Solution Form #1 Please print your name:_________________________________________ Please list your discussion section number:_________________________ Please list your discussion instructor:______________________________ Instructions Fill in your name above. Each exam will have a different version number which will need to be written in the area of the scantron marked “Form”. Record all your answers on the answer sheet provided. This will be a 1.5 hour, closed book exam. The exam includes 20 questions. You may use a 3x5 note card containing information you think might be useful. You can write on both sides of the card if you like. This is a closed-book exam. You may use a calculator which is for numerical calculations only and not to refer to stored information . There is only ONE correct answer for each multiple-choice question. No partial credit will be awarded. You may be asked to show your University student ID card when you turn in your exam. Discussion section reminder: Section 003 TUE/THUR 08:00-09:00 Richard Vallery Section 004 TUE/THUR 09:00-10:00 Richard Vallery Section 005 TUE/THUR 10:00-11:00 Richard Vallery Section 006 TUE/THUR 09:00-10:00 Andrew Tomasch Section 007 TUE/THUR 10:00-11:00 Andrew Tomasch Section 008 TUE/THUR 11:00-12:00 Andrew Tomasch Section 009 TUE/THUR 13:00-14:00 Keith Riles Section 010 TUE/THUR 14:00-15:00 Keith Riles Section 011 TUE/THUR 15:00-16:00 Keith Riles Section 012 TUE/THUR 15:00-16:00 Arthur Cole Section 015 TUE/THUR 11:30-13:00 Arthur Cole Section 016 TUE/THUR 13:00-14:30 Arthur Cole Data: g = 9.8 m/s 2 G = 6.673 x 10 -11 N m 2 / kg 2
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PHYS 125 Winter 2008 Exam 1 01/31/2008 - 2 - Form #1 1. As a NASA intern, you are part of a design team developing a new liquid fuel rocket engine. The design engineers have determined that the fuel pumps can deliver fuel and oxidizer (all of which will be expelled out the engine nozzle as the engine operates) at a combined total rate of 100 kg/s. There are four possible fuel/oxidizer combinations which produce different final exit speeds v from the nozzle: Combination I: v = 50 m/s Combination II: v = 75 m/s Combination III: v = 100 m/s Combination IV: v = 125 m/s If the engine must produce a minimum thrust of 10,000 N, the fuel/oxidizer combinations that will meet this specification are: A) **III and IV B) None of the fuel/oxidizer combinations will produce the required minimum thrust. C) I and IV D) All of the fuel/oxidizer combinations will produce the required minimum thrust. E) II and III 10,000 N = (100 kg/s) 100 m/s exhaust Thrust min min Solution 1: III and IV will both produce sufficient thrust. See the notes from Lecture # 5. p m Fv v v tt Δ Δ == = ΔΔ G G fi Solution 2: Displacement Does depend on the See notes from Lecture # 2. rrr ≡Δ ≡ − ⇒ G GG not distance traveled between P and Q. 2. A particle follows a curved path between P and Q as shown below. The displacement of the particle does not depend on A) the direction of Q from P.
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Exam+1+--+Winter+2008+--+ANSWERS+_do+not+distribute_ - PHYS...

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