Sexual Techniques - Stimulation comes from touching the...

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Sexual Techniques Jennifer Radford PSY/265 June 16, 2011 Cheryl Sexton Radford 1
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Sexual Techniques When some people think about sexual techniques they think about sex and that is it. That could not be further from the truth, there are many different sexual techniques, such as masturbation, fantasy, foreplay and touching. Masturbation is where a person stimulates their genitals themselves using their hands or sexual toys. People use masturbation for many reasons such as to help them relax, or to obtain physical pleasure. Fantasies can be used to bring in more excitement. Fantasies can be used while masturbating; they can also be used with a partner. In either masturbation or with a partner fantasies help stimulation. Foreplay is usually done before sexual intercourse.
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Unformatted text preview: Stimulation comes from touching the partner, holding them, kissing, and various touching. Foreplay helps stimulate and excite both partners. Kissing, touching and foreplay are all ways to get both you and your partner aroused, they also are ways to show intimacy. These three things help to prepare a persons body to sexual intercourse and cause both partners to enjoy sex much more than if they did not do any of it. Every culture views masturbation differently. There are some people that think masturbation is wrong and sinful, while others view it as acceptable and normal. Some people thought that masturbation was harmful, and was the cause of illnesses. Radford 2...
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Sexual Techniques - Stimulation comes from touching the...

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