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The Clusters - disappointment in a person’s voice or even...

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Radford 1 The Clusters Jennifer Radford PSY/230 June 11, 2011 Sanjay Paul
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Radford 2 The Clusters Of the five clusters (also known as the “Big Five”), I think that I fall most into the category agreeableness. I think that my personality best fits this category because it sounds the most of how I am and feel around people. I am one of those people that really do not like to see or hear disappointment from people around me. I go out of my way to try and make sure that everyone is doing well, and they need nothing to make them do any better. I am a good natured person who can get irritated when things are not going according to plan. I have a soft-hearted nature, but there are times, when if I want to be, I can really be ruthless. I am sympathetic, forgiving, and over all carry myself with a courteous personality. I try not to be rude even when provoked, but that also reverts back to me being so agreeable that I do not like to hear
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Unformatted text preview: disappointment in a person’s voice or even see it in their eyes. It always makes me feel bad, and then I end up helping somehow anyway! To me, it also seems like I fall into different places of the OCEAN traits. Like in openness to experiment, I am a very curious person, but incurious to things that are not interesting to me. In the conscientiousness category, I feel that I am very reliable and well-organized. In the extroversion category, I am talkative, fun-loving, and sociable. In the neuroticism category, I seem to have a few more things in common, but I think it is more because I hate to disappoint people regardless. I tent to worry a lot, I am very nervous, insecure, and high strung. I think because of all these things in the neuroticism category would be the cause for my anxiety attacks. With anxiety attacks happening so often, I have to take medicines pretty often to counteract the anxiety attacks....
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The Clusters - disappointment in a person’s voice or even...

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