My Experience - He asked me out and when I told him I had...

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My Experience Jennifer Radford PSY/230 June 17, 2011 Sanjay Paul Radford 1
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My Experience My experience that changed my life was meeting my fiancée. I know that this may sound pretty typical, but for me it was a real turning point in my life as well as my children’s. In every relationship I have ever been in I was either beaten physically, or abused mentally. I did not think that I was worth anything better and I really did believe what the men kept telling me. I decided that I was going to worry about my children and myself and not even think about men. I was working as a waitress in a small mom and pop restaurant when he walked in. In sat in another waitresses section, but she got busy at the register so I checked on him.
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Unformatted text preview: He asked me out and when I told him I had children, he said that was cool we can do ice cream or the park instead. I feel that meeting him has changed my personality. I feel like I am a lot more fun to be around, and I actually enjoy life! It took my awhile not to get down on myself if things (even out of my control) went wrong. He was very patient and understanding. No matter what he was right there beside me. I think that my personality change has been due to my environment. I had to totally change the way that I lived and viewed life. I picked up and moved so I had a completely fresh start. I know that if I had not of moved, then I would have just been repeating the circle. Radford 2...
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My Experience - He asked me out and when I told him I had...

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