Personal Constructs - Which way a person goes is entirely...

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Radford 1 Personal Constructs Jennifer Radford PSY/230 June 30, 2011 Sanjay Paul Personal Constructs
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Radford 2 Personal constructs are a personal way for you to look at your life, world, and even the people that you are around based on your experiences. A person will construct their own outlook based on their own personal experiences in their lives and their reactions to the experiences. A person’s personal constructs are what helps a person make decisions about how they act, what they say, what they think and how they live their lives. Going through something in your life gives you an opportunity to learn from the experience and either repeats it or learns from it and not do it again.
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Unformatted text preview: Which way a person goes is entirely up to them. Personal constructs help a person decide how they are going to respond to other people and the world around them. When we do something we will get comments and responses from others. When we get this information it helps us see things that we are doing and how others will respond. We learn from this process and know if it is good or not. Getting responses and information back from others also allows us to become closer to people. When we see how they react and what they say to us and others allows us to really see what they are like. This helps us really build a strong relationship with the other person....
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Personal Constructs - Which way a person goes is entirely...

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