KSnyder-5k 5 scicene laboratory

KSnyder-5k 5 scicene laboratory - -St. Mary’s County-2...

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Garrett County, Maryland (There was only three polluters for this area, it is a small town and county) -Manganese Compounds -Metitiki Coal, L.L.C, Oakland, Md -Barium Compounds - Texas Eastern Transmissions, Oakland, Md -Zinc Compounds - Bausch & Lomb, -Chromium Compounds -Nickel Compounds Number Of Superfund sites in Maryland Area 1. Cecil County – 4 Superfund sites 2. Harford County-3 Superfund sites -Prince George’s County-3 Superfund sites 3. Ann Arundel County-2 Superfund sites -Baltimore County-2 Superfund sites
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Unformatted text preview: -St. Mary’s County-2 Superfund sites 4. Allegany County-1 Superfund site-Baltimore (city)-1 Superfund site-Charles County-1 Superfund site-Washington County-1 Superfund site Ways to take action in my community-Send a letter or email to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the governor of your state- Voice opinions in the discussion forums or town meetings- Volunteer in the community with helping the environment- Pick up trash as we see if it walking or driving along- walk places instead of driving everywhere--...
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KSnyder-5k 5 scicene laboratory - -St. Mary’s County-2...

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