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1. What are the names of the species used in this experiment? Which of these species was the most tolerant of increased acidity in the aquarium? Which species was the least tolerant? The species used are fairy shrimp, dragonfly nymph, and leech. The Leech and dragonfly nymph wee the most tolerant of increased acidity. The fairy shrimp was the least tolerant. 2. Describe how acid precipitation affects ecosystems. If acid rain has to much ph, it can kill animals and aquatic habitats, or at least the animals and plants in those habitats 3. What is an indicator species? How are indicator species used to assess pollution levels in the environment? It is a particular aquatic invertebrate that alert us of pollutions problems with the environment. 4. Suppose you are an ecologist studying the effects of acid precipitation on plant life. Describe an
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Unformatted text preview: experiment you would perform in order to determine which plant species would be a useful indicator species for acid rain pollution. I would gather the plants and put it in a tank, then put drops of acid rain on it to see how well it does with the acid rain. I would observe how the react to the procedure day after day. 5. How do the data represented on the Population Bar Graph compare to the data represented in the line graph titled Populations of Aquatic Invertebrates at Various pH Levels? They both are the same. One is just a graph and the other is just a line graph. They both say they same thing when the experiments over. The population tells you how many species of each and the species tells you what kinds of species, that are listed on the sides of the graphs....
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