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KSnyder Wk4 questions - Chapter 10 Quiz Questions 1....

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Chapter 10 Quiz Questions 1. Describe the path a molecule of water might follow through the hydrologic cycle from the ocean to land and back again. - Water leaves the oceans by being evaporated. It is then carried around the world as rain snow, etc. Then some of the precipitation falls back into the ocean, but some it falls onto land. Living things then take it up and it travels through the aquifer and can be stored by underground water, glaciers, and snow. The sooner or later the rivers can carry it back to the oceans. 5 . What is an aquifer ? How does water get into an aquifer ? Explain the idea of an artesian well and a cone of depression. - An Aquifer is porous rocks that sore the water underground. Below the Aquifer are layers of rock or clay that keep water from seeping out of the bottom. The water can seep more or maybe less horizontal through the layer of porous. It can take hours or years for the water to move a hundred meters through the aquifer. If the impermeable layers are above the aquifer, the pressure from it can develop in the water bearing layer. The more pressure in the aquifer can make a well run free at the surface. The free flowing wells are called artesian. Places where the surface water filters into the aquifer are called recharged zones. Water gets into the aquifer from the surface of the recharge zone. -Free flowing of the wells and springs are called artesian. The cone of depression is when the ground water gets pumped from the well. When the well is pumped, the water level goes down. A gradient occurs between the water in the aquifer and the water in the well. Because of the
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KSnyder Wk4 questions - Chapter 10 Quiz Questions 1....

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