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KSnyder_Science assignment2 - Chaper 1 4.Describe the steps...

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Chaper 1 4.Describe the steps in the scientific method? Empiricism; Which is observing Uniformitarianism; which is the Basic patterns and processes are uniform across time and space. t he forces at work today are the same as those that shaped the world in the past, and they will continue to do so in the future . Parsimony; out of two plausible explanations, the most simple explanation is the preferable One. Uncertainty: explanations and knowledge changes with new evidence Repeatability; all experiments should be repeated Proof is elusive; make sure the proof is correct. Testable questions; making sure the theory is correct. 8.Distinguish between utilitarian conservation and biocentric preservation. Name two environmental leaders associated with each of these philosophies. Describe some signs of hope in overcoming global environmental problems Plants dying from pollution, so trying to plant more trees as they die. Trees need to stop being cut down Contaminate water supplies. Need to help poverty so the wildlife is intruded by poor people. 4. Does the independent variable really change independently
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KSnyder_Science assignment2 - Chaper 1 4.Describe the steps...

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