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KSnyderwk5 science questions - Chapter 13 Quiz questions 5...

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Chapter 13 Quiz questions 5 . Describe some concerns about waste incineration? - It causes pollutions; they cost a lot of money, environmental safety. 6 . List some benefits and drawbacks of recycling wastes. What are the major types of materials recycled from municipal waste, and how are they used? -Make useful products from recycled waste, reduces pollution, and saves money, energy and space. Drawbacks are contamination, using trees which mean killing animal’s habitats. Dumps can leave hazardous materials in the air and in the water. Major types of municipal waste are household and commercial refuse. Metals and glass, are made into the original product or a new product, paper and plastic is recycle and made into granulate or pellets. Most recycled products are either made into something new or can be made into the original product. 10. What materials are most recycled in the United States? - Auto batteries, steel cans, aluminum, paper and paper board, yard waste, glass containers, and tires and the most recycled, but Auto batteries is the top of recycling in the U.S. Chapter 13 Discussion Questions 1. If you were planning an archeological dig of a modern dump, would you record weight or volume of the objects uncovered? Why would this matter? - It would be recorded by weight, because then you can get more details on the refuse
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KSnyderwk5 science questions - Chapter 13 Quiz questions 5...

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