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5.Move all Emission controls to level 1. What is the AQI? Why? AQI was 33. There was not as many vehicles, so less pollution. 6. Using the reset button, return all Emission controls to the middle setting and turn the Population control to level 1. What is the AQI? Why? (Hint: Read “WHAT IS THIS” in the information box) AQI is 46. As the population growth increase, emissions increases, form extra use of energy, industrial products and sources. Scenario 2: Weather 1. Using the reset button, return all Emission and Population controls to the middle setting. What is the AQI level? 157. very unhealthy 2. Set the Temperature to 80 degrees F. Check the black sign in the cityscape for the temperature. How does this affect particle pollution? Why? Heat increases chemical conversion of emissions on the ozone and particle pollution 3. Move the Inversion control to low-altitude (the far right). How does this affect particle
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Unformatted text preview: pollution levels? Why? Its warm air that traps particle pollution towards the ground and ground level ozone below it, which prevents it from air mixing like it normally would. CLASS / GROUP DISCUSSION 1. Was there any one variable that seemed to have a greater increase in particle pollution than others tested? Which one? More population, because the more population than the more use of vehicles, energy sources & consumer products, then the more pollution that goes on. 2. What steps could be taken to control emissions levels? Shop online instead of driving or you can walk 3. Can you think of ways to reduce particle pollution levels? Use less air conditioning, use energy saving lights, conserve electric, keep tires inflated properly....
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