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Science Week 1 Discussion 1 I read something that is completely true. Magazines always have some kind of advertisements in it and one adevertisements that i see alot is for weight loss pills. Usually the studies are always stating that it is "clinically proven", but they never give any names of the researchers or any of the scientists. The facts are never backed up with any observations or studies. The main point is to get people to buy it and they can make money off of it, because there is a lot of over weight people who want to lose weight fast and in the ads, it is always saying that it works within a certain amount of days. So to answer the questions. !. The sources are not reliable, because they never really list any names. 2. The claims are never verified by other people and if it is, most likely, its thin people getting paid to say that it does work just to get people to buyt the product.3. What we know about this world is there is a lot of scams and many of these pills are scams just to make money. 5. there are never any arguments or logical explanations. There is never scientific words used when advertising for the products.6.Some of the sources they use are not verified.7. There has to be some kind of evidence of how they work and I have never seen no evidence. Flanagin, A. J., & Metzger, M. J. (2007). The role of site features, user attributes, and information verification behaviors on the perceived credibility of web-based information. New Discussion 2 Some pros of plastic bags is that it takes less energy to make them and uses less water pollutants and air to make them.Plastic also lats longer than plastic. I could not find to many pros of plastic bags, there are way more cons than pros. Some cons are they give off greenhouse gases, more trees are cut down to make plastic bags, takes decades to degrade, uses more air and water pollutants. Whether it is plastic or paper, they both pollute the environment and they can be bad for humans and animals. We are cutting down animals habitats and a lot of animals have become extinct from them losing their homes. My honest opinion is that we should find other ways to make things, instead taking animals from their homes. We have found ways to make all the technology that is here today, there has to be other ways to make bags. I also think that every time I go grocery shopping, I always get plastic and each time, they
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break on me. I have no luck with plastic. I like the reusable bags that are made out of material. They never break and you can reuse them as much as you want and wash them when they get dirty. You can get these bags really cheap or even free from places like wic, social service,etc.
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science discussions - Science Week 1 Discussion 1 I read...

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