SOC331 ASS1 WK3 - Running Head: SOCIAL 1 Social Programs...

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Running Head: SOCIAL 1 Social Programs Kristina Snyder Soc 331 Karyn Goldmeier May 9, 2011, Unemployment Compensation is a cash benefit that is provided to people whose been laid off or had a job loss. Unemployment compensation replaces the pay for those who became
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unemployed. There are certain requirements you have to meet to become eligible for the program. Unemployment is a program that is financed by the payroll tax paid by employers on their total payroll. It is also administered through the employment security administration of the United States department of labor. With unemployment program, the pay received, does not have to be repaid. In Maryland, you have to be at a job for so long and then get laid off in order to become eligible for unemployment. Usually when you receive unemployment, you will get maximum pay, but it still will not be as much money as you was making when at a job. As stated, "These benefits will help workers to hang on to their homes and feed their families, as they struggle to find new employment in this terrible job market"(Scherer, 2011). Unemployment is a really great program to go with if you have been laid off. It is a definite source of money if eligible. Unemployment’s run in weeks. For example, you automatically get 26 weeks of unemployment, filing your claim every 2 weeks. When the 26 weeks run out, you
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SOC331 ASS1 WK3 - Running Head: SOCIAL 1 Social Programs...

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