soc 33 outline - Education. B. While people abuse the...

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Kristina’s Outline I. Food stamp services if for low income people. A. Food stamps help those who are low income to help provide food for families. II. Food stamps money comes from the government. A. The government distributes money quarterly or monthly to food stamp’s services. 1. Mark Trumbull. (2011, April 8). Government shutdown 101: What does it mean for . welfare and food stamps? The Christian Science Monitor B. Food stamps money is processed on card like a credit card. 1.The money on the card can only be spent on food, it will not accept anything other than Food. II. Food stamp Crimes A. Many have been known to abuse the food stamp service. 1. Dolgoff,R & Feldstein, D. Understanding Social Welfare.2003. 6th edition. Pearson
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Unformatted text preview: Education. B. While people abuse the program, that means more crimes on the streets. C. No matter of what crime, there is always a costs to the crime III. Over 40 million Americans on food stamps. A. Food stamps is at its highest with people having no jobs and the poverty. 1. Francis X. Clines. (2010, October 17). Running Against Food Stamps : [Editorial]. New York Times (Late Edition (east Coast)), p. WK.7. Retrieved May 10, 2011, from Banking Information Source. (Document ID: 2164632311). B. Food stamps continue to rise everyday with the number of people losing jobs. C. Food stamps is at a historic high....
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soc 33 outline - Education. B. While people abuse the...

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