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The history of social security is that is was an omnibus legislative act that included social insurance that is designed to provide benefits to retired workers monthly. They are 65 years old and older. This act had also had provisions for old age assistance, unemployment compensation, aid to dependent children, and maternal and child welfare. Slowly the old age and survivor program became wider that included benefits’ for survivors and dependents in 1939, that was followed by coverage for people who are permanently disabled and their dependents in 1956 and health insurance for elders in 196( . Whenever people are talking about social security, they are really refereeing to the old age and survivors insurance. The amendments of social security provided that the monthly benefits were increased through the automatic cost of living adjustments, which keeps the pace with inflation ( Dolgoff,& Feldstein,2003). Social security continued to widen its number of beneficiaries and the benefits’. During the great depression, the program was not received with open arms and some people had
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