Religion 1 - Introduction There are three different...

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Introduction There are three different sociologists who each have their own different theories. Emile Durkheim, Max Weber and Karl Marx each had used their theories and apply it to religion. Durkheim was the founder of functionalism and spent a majority of his time researching and studying religion. Durkheim had found many different beliefs in many different societies. Durkheim had a research that lead to him writing a book in 1912 it was called The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life . The word “elementary” was a form of Australian religion that was interesting to him; they are who used the totemism system. That’s what leads to him writing the book. This book is the best book for studying on sociology and religion.
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Emile Durkheim had researched that many people from different societies had separated religious symbols, Objects and different rituals as a routine in religions. The objects or symbols used are very sacred. Every one of the sacred objects in the societies is used to separate all the holiness objects from the profane objects. Many people have beliefs that these objects have special powers. Emile Durkheim had researched that many from different societies separated religious symbols, objects and different rituals on a daily base routine in religions. Durkheim defined religion as “unified system if beliefs and practices relatively to sacred things (Schaefer, 2008). Durkheim argued that the religions are never a concern and only the beliefs was a concern as well as the surroundings of rituals and the ceremonies on part of group believers, who strengthen and develop a sense of group leadership. Durkheim believes that every ritual is necessary to bring members together of religious groups. This will also help many to get away from any dull moments in their daily lives and take them into a more interesting and exciting experience. The ceremonies and all sacred rituals are considered to be very important for celebrating the most important days such as marriages, births or birthdays, deaths, etc. Emile Durkheim’s theory on religion is a good example of how functionalists determine the sociologist events. Durkheim had a view that people see religion as if they contribute to society and their health as it helps to continue the society. Religion functions to help keep society together by persuading them to support common beliefs or values on a regular daily basis.
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Religion 1 - Introduction There are three different...

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