Assignment 8 - Ford Motor Company: Supply Chain Strategy...

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Ford Motor Company: Supply Chain Strategy Case 2-3 (Applegate et al. Textbook p348-355 and the Reading 2-4 “The Power of Virtual Integration: An Interview with Dell Computer’s Michael Dell,” by Joan Magretta, Applegate et al. Textbook p356-367) – DUE DATE 7-15-2011 11:30 P.M. Read the above case 2-3 and reading 2-4 in Applegate et al. textbook. Assignment Questions: 1. Consider the experiences that you (or your friends or members of your family) have had in buying a car, compare these to the experience of buying a computer online (if you have never done this, go to Dell’s website – – and explore how online computer buying works). What do you think explains the differences? My friend purchased a 2007 Ford focus for herself in Dallas, TX. Her experiences were not that great especially when it comes to the Knowledge of sales force. Limited array of choices on models and colors Reading material on the cars Inconsistency over deals from different dealers Number of dealers in the city is limited to 1 to 2 and hence making it difficult to strike a good deal. After Sales service – there is always as a huge rush of customers due to limited number of dealers. She was curious to check out the DELL website after the question – PS she have never been to the site before. What she saw there was something that she would want to have for selecting a car too (Not sure if that’s possible) Highly User Friendly Choices are unlimited Very Interactive Educational The primary reason is virtual integration. DELL as an organization is able to spend more time in adding value to its customer. This has become the core competency for the company. DELL is able to gather more intelligence by the
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Assignment 8 - Ford Motor Company: Supply Chain Strategy...

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