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Sheet1 Page 1 Short Essay to differentiate b/w GIS and Database Solution Approach Discuss by using a practical example. Is GIS a database? GIS is a carrier of a database. Err:510 In GIS Projects the project proposal combines the following mgmt phases? 18 True or False 19 - 45 Multiple Choice - Practice Quiz Questions Know the basics of excel and Know the diff. b/w implicit and explicit reference? Know large scaling vs. Small scaling?
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Unformatted text preview: Whatt is proximity analysis What is cadastro What are the raster maps? Purpose of polygon centroids? What is a monochromatic scale? Numeric intervals Basics of database we use in GIS, example joining tables What is map scale ratio? What is the main advantage of breaking maps into map layers for a GIS project What is the main purpose of analytical mapping? What will happen if you zoom too far into raster maps?...
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