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MIS685 Scenario Group Projects Evaluations: Fall 2009 JHJ School of Business, Texas Southern University Scenario Group Project Evaluations by each Group Scenario Group Project Members for MIS 685 (MIS Capstone Course): 1 – Weak 5 – Strong Rank the groups (NO TIES in ranking) . You may also include your comments for each group. Do not rank or evaluate your own group. Group 1 Karen Roman, Joan Rwegalulira, Julian Robinson Presentation (1… 2…3…4…5) Demo of the project (1… 2…3…4…5) Overall RANK : 2 Group 2 Moses Ikuuah, Chevelle Wilson
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Unformatted text preview: Presentation ( 12345) Demo of the project ( 12345) Overall RANK : 1 Group Bisi Ajala, Stephanie Brown Presentation (12345) Demo of the project (12345) Overall RANK : Group 4 Methisika Munasinghe, Martha Morgan, Derrick Wilson Presentation (1234 5) Demo of the project (1234 5) Overall RANK : 5 Group 5 Antonio Basillio, Azer De Binya, Elizabeth Tubbs Presentation (12 345) Demo of the project (123 45) Overall RANK : 3 Mayur S. Desai...
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