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Unformatted text preview: Name: ____________Olabisi Ajala__________ Page 1 of 1 MIS 677 E-Commerce Spring 2009 Assignment 4 - 10 Points Due by 7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 28 th , 2009 This assignment is based on the end of chapter case study for Chapter 9. Read the Case Study titled IAC/Interactive Corp Online Services Spin-off on pages 624 628 and answer the following three questions: 1) IAC was split up into five separate businesses list these five separate businesses: (2.5 points) IAC A web and advertising-focused business that includes Ask.com and Match.com HSN, a retailing company that includes HSN home-shopping channel Ticketmaster, the concert ticket vendor Interval International, a resort-booking company Lending Tree, an online lender 2) Would you recommend that IAC sites have a single Web site where users could find all of the services of IAC, similar to a portal? - Justify your answer. (2.5 points) Yes and No. I would recommend that IAC sites have a single web site where users could find all of Yes and No....
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