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Name: ________Olabisi Ajala________________________________ MIS 677 – E-Commerce / Spring 2009 / Exam I / Page 1 of 6 MIS 677: E-Commerce – Spring 2009 - EXAM I – 50 POINTS Eight Questions Instructions: 1. Make sure you use the header feature to insert your name at the top of each page. 2. Type in your answers to each question and save your file using the following name format: LastNameFirstNameMIS677EX1SP09 That is, if your name were Mary Smith you would name your file SmithMaryMIS677EX1SP09 3. Leave one blank line between each question and your answer to that question and leave three blank lines between each answer and the next question. 4. When you have completed your exam spell and grammar check it and save it a final time. Print a copy of your final version and turn in. Submit an electronic copy of the final version of your file via Blackboard. 5. Before you leave please delete your all exam related files from the computer you are working on and empty the Recycle Bin. Questions: 1) Visit the Barnes & Noble web-site ( http://www.barnesandnoble.com ). Answer the following e-commerce division : a. Analyze http://www.barnesandnoble.com with reference to the eight unique features of e-commerce technology. Specifically, discuss the status of Barnes & Noble’s current web-site vis-à-vis each feature. (8 points) Ubiquitous – One of the unique features of e-commerce technology is ubiquity. Barnes & Nobles has this unique feature in the sense that their online presence can be accessed anywhere either at work, at home or even through mobile devices. Global reach – The Barnes & Nobles website can be accessed from around the world surpassing the United States boundaries and having the ability to be accessed around the earth. Universal standards – The Barnes & Nobles website meets the universal standards of trading over the internet. It meets the needs of consumers looking for a particular product and fits the protocol as to how products are purchased over the internet. Information richness – Upon first accessing the Barnes & Nobles website, there is the sense of awareness that this website contains more than enough information that customers can find. Ranging from the variety of products sold to the vital information about the company in general makes barnesandnobles.com very rich in content. Interactive – Although interactivity would be a huge plus to an e-commerce website depending on the nature of the website, Barnes & Nobles does not hold such a feature on its website. Interactivity includes technology that allows for two-way communication between merchant and consumer. Barnes and Nobles website is more of a one-way communication line as to where consumers purchase what they are looking for and get response confirmation in their email and the like. Information density
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AjalaOlabisiMIS677EX1SP09 - Name: _Olabisi Ajala_ MIS 677...

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