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Name: ______________Olabisi Ajala______________________ MIS 677 – E-Commerce / Spring 2009 / Exam II / Page 1 of 5 MIS 677: E-Commerce – Spring 2009 - EXAM II – 50 POINTS Eight Questions (Note: Some Question have sub-parts) Instructions: 1. Make sure you use the header feature to insert your name at the top of each page. 2. Type in your answers to each question and save your file using the following name format: LastNameFirstNameMIS677EX2SP09 That is, if your name were Mary Smith you would name your file SmithMaryMIS677EX2SP09 3. Leave one blank line between each question and your answer to that question and leave three blank lines between each answer and the next question. 4. When you have completed your exam spell and grammar check it and save it a final time. Print a copy of your final version and turn in. Submit an electronic copy of the final version of your file via Blackboard. 5. Before you leave please delete your all exam related files from the computer you are working on and empty the Recycle Bin. Questions: 1) With regard to e-commerce what is encryption used for? Provide a list of the dimensions of e- commerce security addressed by encryption (Note – if you list all the dimensions of e-commerce security regardless of whether they are affected by encryption or not you will receive no credit for that portion of your answer). (7 points) Security is on the mind of every e-commerce entrepreneur who solicits, stores, or communicates any information that may be sensitive if lost. These individuals have to deal with data transfer over the internet on a daily basis and to that extent, security is a watch word. Therefore, one of the most effective means of ensuring data security and integrity is encryption. Encryption can protect data at the simplest level by preventing other people from reading the data. With respect to e-commerce, encryption is used for establishing the identity of users or abusers, control the unauthorized transmission or forwarding of data; verify the integrity of the data and ensure that users take responsibility for data that they have transmitted. Encryption can therefore be used either to keep communications secret or to identify people involved in communications. Dimensions of e-commerce security addressed by encryption include: integrity, non-repudiation, authenticity, confidentiality, privacy and availability 2) With regard to an e-commerce sale what is non-repudiation ? What measures can an e-commerce vendor take to minimize losses due to non-repudiation? (6 points) With regard to an e-commerce sale, non-repudiation is the principle where repudiation is not possible -- where undeniable proof exists that they MUST have purchased an item through an online vendor. By repudiation, I mean the principle that permits someone to disavow that a particular online purchase transaction or activity occurred at a certain date and time or a denial that they participated in some online commercial activity that amounted to a sale of an item. Some of the measures that can be put in place to minimize non-repudiation include implementing a
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AjalaOlabisiMIS677EX2SP09 - Name: _Olabisi Ajala_ MIS 677...

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