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MIS 677: E-Commerce Group Case: Amazon.Com – Pages 573 – 581 Group Members: Olabisi Ajala, Munansinghe Methsika, Samuel Trina Spring 2009 E-Commerce Business Strategy at 1. A Brief History of 2. Current Status of 3. One of the major strengths of this online retail giant comes from the process by which consumers are drawn to purchase products from their site. The founder envisioned a unique idea of customer attraction which was to offer the lowest prices and the best selection with convenience. Amazon’s strengths gradually generated from the vision of the founder, Jeff Bezos. He envisioned that Amazon will offer the largest online selection and become the world’s most customer-centric company where anyone independent of age, race, color or ethnicity can find anything on their site. Amazon has changed its business model several times but has since adopted an implemented a successful business model which allows small and large retail merchants to establish a storefront within Amazon’s website thereby having their products integrated into Amazon’s search engine. The strength of any commercial company lies only in its ability to earn profit and Amazon, being the largest, one-stop merchant and online retailer, next to E-Bay has made this possible. In order to prove the strength of, apart from the almost innumerable list of items being offered, they have systems for helping you find an item that seems not to be listed at online merchant who has a marketplace on As it is often said, whatever has strengths also has weaknesses. In a recent annual online study made by
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