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MIS 677 - E-Commerce - Sec 01 – Vanjani - Spring 2009 Syllabus: Page 1 of 5 TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY Jesse H. Jones School of Business SEMESTER: Spring YEAR: 2009 COURSE TITLE: E-Commerce COURSE NUMBER: MIS 677 (Section 01 – Tue & Thu: 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm) INSTRUCTOR: Mahesh Vanjani, Ph.D. E-MAIL: vanjanim@tsu.edu OFFICE: 318 JHJ PHONE: (713) 313-7786 OFFICE HOURS: In Office (JHJ 318) and Online: Tue & Thu: 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm; or by appointment. Online: Mon: 9:30 am -10:30 am (via e-mail) Prerequisite(s): MGSC 625 (Supply Chain Management) MIS 675 (Database Management Systems) MIS 676 (web Design and Development) Course Description: Provides exposure to the use of Internet for business to business communications, logistics and supply chain management, financial markets, digital payments, marketing etc. Course Objectives: This course focuses on major concepts of e-commerce including but not limited to business aspects of e-commerce; technical aspects of e-commerce; social, legal, and ethical aspects of e-commerce; and, current trends in e-commerce. At the completion of this course students should be able to: Analyze e-commerce interfaces in depth and recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Develop an effective e-commerce business plan and/or proposal for new and expanding e-commerce projects within an organization. Understand the key technologies behind e-commerce. Understand the impact of diversity on the present-day businesses and learn to cope with the global business environment. Grasp the current trends in information technology and e-commerce. Required Textbook and Course Materials: 1. Laudon Kenneth C., and Traver Carol G., E-Commerce: Business, Technology Society, Publisher: Prentice Hall (Pearson / Addison Wesley), 5 th Edition, 2009 , ISBN 10: 0136007112, ISBN 13: 9780136007111 Note: Additional reading from various sources will be required. 2. Blackboard Access : Will need individual userid and password 3. JHJ School of Business Lab Access: Will need individual userid and password 4. Secondary Storage Media (CDs) for turning in assignments: Most assignments will likely be submitted via Blackboard – however, secondary storage media might be required. 5. A working e-mail account : Every student is required to have an active e-mail account and know how to use e- mail including features such as receiving, attaching and transmitting files. All email to the instructor must contain MIS 677 ” in the subject of the email. If not, your email may be classified as unidentified and be automatically deleted from the instructor’s inbox. Also, you may want to use your email account to store back-up copies of your assignments. Web Services:
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mis677sylSp09E-CommerceGr - TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY Jesse...

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