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Criminal Justice Process - Ursula Johnson Introduction to...

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Ursula Johnson Introduction to Criminal Justice Professor Charles Rowland July 10, 2011
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1. The Criminal Justice Process The criminal justice process involves a several steps from when the crime occurred to the end with the release of the offender. Criminal justice conduct is investigated, evidence gathered, arrests made, charges brought, defenses raised, trials conducted, sentences rendered and punishment carried out. Below is the process in which the criminal justice system flows. Criminal Act Crime has occurred is the act when someone commits a crime that violates any law set forth by the government and that the results of those acts are punishable by law. Investigation An investigation is the study of evidence discovered at a crime scene and used in a court of law. Arrest Arrest occurs usually by detaining that person. The purpose of an arrest is to bring the person before a court to prove their innocence. When a person is arrested, they are read their Miranda Rights.
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