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Self-Managed Teams - Autonomous work groups in which workers are trained to do all or most of the jobs in a unit, have no immediate supervisor, and make decisions previously made by first-line supervisors. You see if Sandwich Blitz used this type of team they would not have to visit the different sites so much because it would be the manager that would know how to do all the things of an owner but would also have per rules that are given to them to carry out in an event if one should occur. And to paint you a mental picture of this it would mean that Sandwich Blitz would be your modern day McDonalds that you see today I mean cone on do you honestly think that the owner of McDonalds goes to all their stores and checks on them for day to day nope as a matter
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Unformatted text preview: of fact I have never seen an owner of a McDonalds yet to this day in my life why is that because of Self-Managed teams that run the business so that they owners can focus on more important things that need to be addressed. You see every McDonalds has the same rules and codes that they all go by that are per set by the owners or them so that the managers all have to go by the same handbook and rules as the next one and the managers pretty much run the business operations of the place and the owners take care of the finances of the place and trying to grow the business to be even more bigger and more powerful then the next one around....
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