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Jim Crow Laws Paper - Jim Crow Laws Paper Kassie Adkins HIS...

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Jim Crow Laws Paper Kassie Adkins HIS 125 June 29, 2011 Otis E. Whitehead
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Jim Crow laws became a part of the United States law system between 1876 and 1965. According to Davidson (2005), the laws separated the races in almost all public places except streets and stores. These laws were to separate the African Americans from the whites but still have equal opportunities. Examples of segregated areas included public schools public transportation, restrooms, restraints and even drinking fountains. The purpose of these laws were to separate blacks from the whites because they whites felt that they were superiors and needed to preserve their social and economic aspects of their own lives. According to Law brain (2005), “Southern states initially resisted by passing so-called Black Codes , which prohibited former slaves from carrying firearms or joining militias”. Blacks also were victims to unfair poll taxes and voting tests that kept them from being able to vote. This made it harder for them to vote or even hold public office. W.E.B. Du Bois, according to Educational Broadcasting Corporation (2002),
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