The Fourteenth Amendment Checkpoint

The Fourteenth Amendment Checkpoint - 1868.They helped...

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The Fourteenth Amendment Checkpoint Week 1 The fourteenth Amendment was created so that the Confederate would not take over control of the new reconstructed state governments that is also giving African Americans to be included as citizens. They are given certain legal rights such as due process and equal protection to all. These allowed freed slaves to be citizens and laws pertain to them just as they do with anyone else in the United States. African Americans began the road of being equal to others surrounding them. Freedman’s Bureau was created to help slaves that are now free with things such as food and medical care, ability to resettle into a normal life, reach justice, and to help with labor and schooling. It was a part of the United States department of War. This took place from June 1865 to December
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Unformatted text preview: 1868.They helped build communities back for those that lost them and gave them the ability to reach an education. Reuniting of families also took place with the help of Freedmen’s Bureau. This was to allow former slaves for a chance at a normal life or a better one than they have been experiencing. It helped them adjust to a life of freedom and aided in assistance with employment opportunities. Agents from this bureau monitored contracts written between former slaves and whites but controlled the labor and employment conditions. The former confederates however took over or attacked the bureau in 1866 by creating blacks to be against their former masters. This now became a military court that handles legal issues....
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