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Checkpoint: Effects of the Railroad When Railroads came into the picture, it helped establish cities like Boston, St. Louis, and New York City become established and developed. Railroads brought in the possibilities of importing and exporting goods to and from different areas along with those from other countries. Factories could produce more such as more jobs, more products, and more opportunities. This also created a bigger population for areas such as New York and Boston. St. Louis even built a bridge over the Mississippi River so railroads could import and export goods making it the “gateway to the west”. This was a big step
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Unformatted text preview: for engineering. Women and African Americans even were making their way North to find jobs. Immigrants created a boom in population for the United States. Even the south began to industrialize with the railroad and telegraph happening. Things began to settle more evenly with the north and south. Growth in the United States helped reunite America. The social and economical changes caused it to boom and provide man opportunities for a better life and healing after Civil War which still was affecting America. They were significant changes for these reasons....
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