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Chkpt American Imperialism - ever had as well needing the...

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Checkpoint: American Imperialism There are many factors that led to American imperialism. Manifest destiny was a part to why Americans thought we need to take more action overseas and continue to grow industrialization. Economic factors that played a role in American imperialism are due to the population, income, and the production industries increasing which was a potential result from technology. There was a higher need to look for resources in other areas. Overseas labor was cheaper for America. When you look at the strategic factors, many Americans wanted to follow leaders like Alfred Thayer Mahan who insisted imperialism was bringing good to Americans way of life. Foreign trade was relied upon more as time passed on than it
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Unformatted text preview: ever had as well needing the ties across seas. Social factors takes place of the Americans had better government were smarted and it should be expressed throughout countries less fortunate according to White Man’s Burden. Socially, with the power involved, colonies would be needed. This way economically markets are provided allowing goods to be sold giving revenue and bringing more industrialization. Colonies strategically allow for military government to deploy from other areas which allowed America a chance to strengthen the military. Imperialism was taking over an area for another to build an empire. America wanted to expand and become stronger....
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